Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why does my skin grow over my nails?

My skin grows over my nails, why? D:Why does my skin grow over my nails?
It happens to everyone. If I don't get a mani every two weeks or so, my nails become man hands.

It's just your cuticle growing over the nail. As the nail grows it pushes the skin out more and more. Buy some cuticle oil and a manicure set and you can shave them off every week or so.

Before you do that, invest in a good manicure. By someone who speaks English so that she can tell you exactly how to keep that skin away.Why does my skin grow over my nails?
You may just need to invest in a good manicure oil and a pair of cuticle trimmers, its as simple of rubbing it in and trimming all the dead cuticle off, it makes the nails look more healthy and just looks generally better, there are probably some good tips on wikihow or other similar websites :)

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